Games Festival: 11-12 Feb, 2012.

Atrium, Student Union Building, UNB. 21 Pacey Dr. Fredericton NB (click for map)

Full site and schedule

If interested, please contact COMUNICON (below).
     -This is the our annual Main Event and includes:
         Θ Collectable Card Games (sanctioned Magic The Gathering Type II and Sealed Deck)
         Θ Role-Playing Games (D&D, D&D Encounters, Cthulhu)
         Θ Miniatures Games (D&D minis, Warhammer, Battletech)
         Θ Card Games (Munchkin, 3 Dragon Anté, Chez Geek)
         Θ Displays by the Maritime Modelers



COMUNICON has been holding Games Festivals, Games Conventions, and Science Fiction & Fantasy Conventions since August 1991. For the past few years we've been mostly operating in Fredericton NB.

Take a peak at some of our past conventions: Fredericton 2003 - Fredericton 2004 - Fredericton 2005 - Fredericton 2006 - Fredericton 2006 (lite version) - Fredericton 2007 - Fredericton 2008 - Fredericton 2009 - Fredericton 2010- Fredericton 2011

Our Fredericton events are growing bigger every year with more games and activities. We're already neck-deep in plans for the 2009 Fredericton festival.

contact: brianjm@nbnet.nb.ca
COMUNICON is an affiliate of the Fredericton Science Fiction Society