The second COMUNICON in Fredericton is gearing up. Last year the festival was a great success. We hope to expand on that this year.

COMUNICON is a festival of gaming designed to allow strategists and role-players a chance to get together and play their favourite games. To make it more interesting, many of the games will be played in tournament format with the winner carrying off great prizes, curtesy of our generous sponsors. See our list of sponsors below.

Cost: $2.00 for the whole weekend
as a special incentive, people running games get in free!


Wallscrawls web design and hosting
Strange Adventures Queen St, Fredericton NB
Prize support; promotions
Steve Jackson Games prize support
Wizards of the Coast prize support
Prospect St. ,
King's Place Mall
Prospect St.
Dundonald St.

Regent St. , Prospect St.



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